May, Kim

What teaching experience do you have? What is your teaching assignment?

21 years of experience.

Biology & PE

What is your educational background (colleges attended and degree)?

I attended David Lipscomb University, and I have a
BS degree in Biology Education.

I also attended TSU and I have a Master’s Degree in Health, Physical Education & Recreation.

What is it that motivates you to be a teacher/staff member/administrator?(most meaningful part of your job)

I love knowing that I have made a difference in a child’s life both in and out of the classroom. I also enjoying seeing students learn new concepts or come up with great ideas.  I love collaborating with other teachers and coming up with new ideas to help improve instruction. The most meaningful part is seeing students walk across that stage at graduation with diploma in hand and the smiles on their faces.

What is your phone extension and e-mail address?