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Credit Recovery

Metro Schools Offers High-Tech Credit Recovery for Students

Paper with A+ stamped on it and rubber stamp nearby.Metro Nashville Public Schools recognizes that each child is unique, with individual learning styles and interests. For that reason, the district takes pride in offering a variety of non-traditional learning tools to help students succeed. One program the district offers is a Credit Recovery Program, known as the A+ Virtual Lab. A+ allows students who have failed a course the opportunity to retake that course through an online virtual learning lab. Students must log in to the program through a computer that is connected to the school’s server system. Currently, the majority of these learning labs are monitored by a Credit Recovery Teacher at the high school; however, the district is weighing options to allow access to the A+ Virtual labs from home computers, public library or community center computers.

A+ is a great way for students to stay on track; it helps students recover missed credits while still taking mandatory grade level courses. Students have a higher level of autonomy through the A+ labs, but can always ask for assistance from a supervising teacher. It is important to note that all students are not eligible. Students must consult with their school counselor to determine if they are eligible for the program and how to enroll.

Currently, all comprehensive high schools with the exception of McGavock offer A+ Virtual labs, as well as Nashville Big Picture High School.

This summer, MNPS will pilot A+ virtual labs in the high school summer school sites during regular summer school hours (M – F, 7:30 a.m. – noon). Sites include:  Cane Ridge High School, which has extended daily hours from 4 – 8 p.m.; Glencliff High School; Hillsboro High School; Hunters Lane High School; McGavock High School; and Stratford High School which also has extended daily hours from 2 – 6 p.m. Students interested in using the A+ virtual lab need to speak with a school counselor to see if they are eligible.

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