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Encore PACE

Let’s keep our gifted and talented high school students on PACE!

Our counselors in the Encore PACE Program will:

Promote the skills learned in earlier grades and apply them toward continued success in secondary school and beyond. We want to help students advance their intellectual capacity while enhancing their personal growth in character.

Advocate for students in need of special help or consideration. We will monitor their academic progress, identify the students’ needs, and facilitate aid if necessary. Every student has a counselor, but we want to be an additional contact who can offer more one on one attention.

Counsel each student to determine that his/her program of study is appropriate for future goals. We will meet with students individually and in groups to interpret test scores (PLAN, PSAT, ASVAB) and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses as they apply to their future goals. We will guide students toward college entrance opportunities by use of on-line resources and provide field trips to visit local colleges.

Encourage students to enroll in challenging courses ( Honors, AP, Dual Enrollment). We will emphasize the importance of involvement in extra-curricular activities and will develop a portfolio for each student to keep track of their honors, awards, and accomplishments. We will encourage learning opportunities outside of school such as Governor’s Schools and other summer programs. We plan to provide field trips to area businesses to explore various career interests.

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