Discipline Action Plan


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To All Parents of McGavock Students:

In an effort to create cohesiveness across the academies and the school, the Administrative staff has developed a Discipline Action Plan.

We are enlisting the support of the teachers and staff.  Teachers and staff can support  in the following ways:

1. Post a copy of the Discipline Action Plan in your classrooms

2. Do not write up students for disruptions to the class without referring to the Pyramid of Interventions first.

3. Do not tell a student that they can not be admitted to class. If the student is assigned to the class, they must be admitted.

4. Encourage. Encourage. Encourage. Please help us encourage the students to make the right decisions. We do not want students to think we look forward to handing out discipline. Positive behaviors are always encouraged, poor behaviors do have consequences.

The administrative staff does recognize as well appreciate you and your hard work.

Thank you,
Robbin Wall / McGavock HS



1st Tier

2nd Tier

3rd Tier

4th Tier



3-5 Day OSS + Parent Conference + Contract





10 Day OSS




Gang Graffiti

5 Day OSS

 Contract + Citation





Inappropriate Language

1 Day OSS

3 Day OSS


5 Day OSS + Contract


Public Display of Affection

(1 – 3 Referrals) Detention

(4th Referral) 1 Day Saturday School

(5 + Referrals)

1 Day OSS + Parent Conference


Running from Staff

1 Day OSS

3 Day OSS

 5 Day OSS + Contract



Skipping / Leaving Campus


1 Day Detention

1 Day Saturday School

3 Days OSS

5 Days OSS + Contract


1 Day OSS + Citation

3 Day OSS + Citation

5 Day OSS + Citation



3 Day OSS + Citation

5 Day OSS + Citation




(1 & 2 Tardies per Class)

Documented Parent

Warning Contact by Teacher

(1-3 Tardy Referrals)


(4 Tardy Referrals)

Saturday School

(5+ Tardy Referrals)

OSS + Contract

(1-5 Days)

Verbal Altercation

3 - 5 Day OSS

5 - 10 Day OSS + Contract



Dress Code Violation

Regardless of a change of clothes.


ISS Remainder of Day

ISS Remainder of Day + After School Detention

ISS Remainder of Day + Saturday School


(1-5 Days)

Failure to attend detention will result in Saturday school, and failure to attend Saturday school will result in out of school suspension with parent conference and may lead to expulsion from McGavock High School. Repeated violations may result in expulsion. *All consequences subject to Principal Discretion



*All consequences subject to Principal Discretion