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The Facts
The Facts

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) is a consolidated city-county school district, serving more than 80,000 students who reside in Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee. More than 72.4% of students are economically disadvantaged and 24% are English language learners.
  • MNPS is the 41th largest school district in the country (out of 14,000 nationally).
  • There are 153 public schools in Nashville, including 15 charter schools.
    • 73 elementary (PreK-4)
    • 33 middle (5-8)
    • 25 high (9-12)
  • In additional to traditional schools, MNPS offers three alternative schools and four special education programs.
  • Sixty-one percent of MNPS teachers hold a master's degree or higher and 99.75 percent are highly qualified in at least one subject area.
  • The average teacher salary (without benefits) is $49,789, and the average experience of teachers at all levels is just under 11 years.

Why does Metro Schools need an increase in funding each year?
MNPS is a large organization with more than 10,000 employees, with personnel costs representing 81% of the budget. Just like in the private sector, the cost of health insurance, retirement plans, textbook replacement, and utilities continues to rise. In addition, whenever the state raises teacher salaries, local school systems are required to pay a portion of the cost. Maintaining the current level of service requires additional funding each year; otherwise, cuts will be necessary.

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